Herbal Consultation

Herbal ConsulationPing Zhao has been trained in the practice of global herbs, using herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western/European traditions. During consultation Ping uses a variety of methods such as examining the client's eyes, tongue, face, nails, feet, palms, ears, asking questions and evaluating their pulse to determine where a person's lifestyle, diet, and health are out of balance and what herbs, supplements, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes will bring that person back into balance.

What you need to do before an herbal consultation session?

Before you come to a consultation you need to download or get the form and fill it out completely. Bring copies of all your lab test results and medications with you. Do not put on any make up and do not drink anything that changes your tongue color.

What happens during an herbal consultation session?

We will briefly review your form and discuss your goal for this visit. We will use various techniques such as checking at your eyes, tongue, face, nails, feet, palms, ears, and pulse and asking questions to determine where your lifestyle, diet, and health are out of balance. Each session lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. At the end we will suggest what herbs, supplements, diet, exercise, self-massage and lifestyle changes will bring you back into balance.

How much does each session cost? Does insurance cover the cost?

Each one hour consultation session costs $120. Medical insurance will not cover it. Most company's HSA (Health Savings Account) accept it.

How many sessions do you need?

After first consultation we usually suggest our clients give themselves at least two months to see the changes in their bodies. After two months we like to schedule a follow-up visit which is 30 minutes. The cost is $65.

Where can you purchase herbs and supplements?

You can order from us. We also can give you all the information you need to get your herbs. If you need to re-fill your supply please give us 10 days to order for you.

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Herbal consultation client form

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